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Clean Air America Products


Recognized by many global manufacturing companies as innovators and best-of-breed in high-tech industrial air filtration systems, dust removal products, air purifiers, oily dust, odor control, oil mist, plasma cutting, laser cutting, portable filtration equipment. Clean Air America's design and R&D team continuously develop top of the line units and complete custom system for any project no matter how small or large.

Clean Air America is a complete, one stop location for all your air filtration needs, offering factory direct turn-key solutions for air quality problems. Our engineering staff can customize a high performance solution for almost any application from welding smoke, oil mist, oil smoke, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and more.

Call or e-mail us with your special requirements!. Toll Free: 866 665 1829


Weldstation LEAF Welding Booths Top of the line welding booths used for removal welding smoke for premier training and manufacturing facilities. Clean Air ZeroMist™ This is the most efficient oil mist and oil smoke filtration system using the most advanced fiber bed media technology on the market.
Clean Air Smart Collector™ The Clean Air Smart Collector units are designed for welding smoke, grinding particulate, laser and plasma cutting dust and various other mainly dry filtration applications. DFX Air Cleaners™ Ambient filtration unit used for light to medium duty applications in welding, grinding, sanding, rubber smoke and odor control using a variety of filter technology.
Clean Air Flexibooth™ Custom welding booths used for manual welding, grinding, sanding applications and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 5' - 12' wide and variable heights. Portable Fume Collector: Source caputre portable fume extraction arm that can be used in welding, grinding, and other dust applications.   Available with a 6" or 8" diameter and 7' or 10' long arm.
Weld Cell Used for welding smoke removal from welding robots and plasma cutting robot cells. Down-Draft Table Extremely powerful, compact table for welding, grinding, and sanding appications
Clean Air Laser & Plasma Cut Cell™ An exclusive line of cartridge collectors engineered for high static conditions in production plasma and laser cutting. Clean Air Fume Arm™ Local extractors for all kinds of worksites where flexible design and efficient extraction are important.
Clean Air HoodCustomized for your paticular project size and application, these hoods are combined with a Clean Air Smart Collector for your welding, grinding, sanding applications, and more. Clean Air Streamer™ is a ambient air filtration for system that uses a push-pull system to clean the air in a building.  This system is ideal for large product production facilities.
Ducted Systems Clean Air America uses the industry's top clamp together, smooth interior style ducting. This is a very easy to install, highly flexible and uses a clamp to secure each fitting. Smart Control Panel™ The Clean Air Smart Control can control multiple units giving maintenance personnel eye-level access to monitor multiple pieces of equipment from a single location