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Clean Air America Products


With units for filtration of manual welding smoke, robotic welding smoke, oil mist, oil smoke, plasma cutting dust, laser cutting dust, and more, Clean Air America can provide you with a complete solution for almost any air filtration project. A variety of units, in a various sizes, allows us to cater to any size project no matter how large and provide you with a one-stop-shop solution including cartridge filter unit, duct, and install.  From welding booths, dust collectors, oil mist collectors, oil smoke collectors, welding smoke collectors, and more Clean Air America can provide you with all of your air filtration needs for your manufacturing facility or welding training lab.

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WeldStation LEAF Welding Booths Top of the line welding booths used for manual welding smoke filtration for welding training labs and manufacturing facilities. Clean Air ZeroMist™ The most efficient oil mist and oil smoke filtration system utilizing deep fiber bed filters allowing the filtered o.
Clean Air Smart Collector™ Designed for welding smoke, grinding particulate, laser and plasma cutting dust and various other mainly dry filtration applications. These duct based system can be used in projects small and large. DFX Air Cleaners™ Ambient filtration unit used for light to medium duty applications in welding smoke, grinding dust, sanding, rubber smoke and odor control using a variety of filters.
Clean Air Flexibooth™ Custom welding booths used for manual welding, grinding, sanding applications and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6' - 12' wide and variable heights. Portable Fume Collector: Source capture portable fume extraction arm that can be used in welding, grinding, and other dust applications.   Available with a 6" or 8" diameter and 7' or 10' long arm.
Clean Air WeldCell Used in robotic welding smoke filtration, this robotic welding solution can be used with almost any type of robotic welding. Down-Draft Table Extremely powerful, compact table for welding smoke, grinding smoke, and sanding applications.
Clean Air Laser & Plasma Cut Cell™ Designed for plasma cutting dust and laser cutting dust, the Clean Air CutCell system was designed for the high static conditions in production laser and plasma cutting. Clean Air Fume Arm™ The flexible and clear through design of the Clean Air Fume Arm can be used in ducted systems for welding training labs and manufacturing environments for welding smoke, grinding dust, and more.
Clean Air HoodCustomized for your particular project size and application, these hoods are combined with a Clean Air Smart Collector for your welding smoke, grinding dust, sanding, and more. Clean Air Streamer™ A self-contained ambient air filtration system, the Clean Air Streamer works alone or in pairs to create a wall of air to filter out welding smoke, grinding dust, and more.
Ducted Systems Clean Air America can provide a variety of custom engineered ducted system for both welding training labs to manufacturing facilities.  These systems can be used in almost all applications, from welding smoke, grinding dust, oil mist, oil smoke, and more. Smart Control Panel™ The Clean Air Smart Control can control multiple units giving maintenance personnel eye-level access to monitor multiple pieces of equipment from a single location