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Clean Air America - Engineering Innovation In Air Filtration

Clean Air America is the leading innovator in air filtration products that are engineered to provide both environmental and economic function. Better technology provides economic advantages, such as lower maintenance and energy costs. Better filtration technology also improves the work environment, protecting workers and equipment from potentially hazardous contaminants. 

  • *Smart Flow Technology" - is the revolutionary new design that takes the Down-Flow Principle and betters it in various areas, resulting in better performance, longer filter life, lower overall pressure drop, and less energy being used. 

Clean Air Zero Mist™ technology is pioneering a new generation of industrial air cleaners that efficiently separate oil and emulsion mist and fumes. Zero Mist™ can operate continuously 24/7 under the most extreme operating conditions created by modern machine tools. The technology behind the Zero Mist™ exceeds international health & safety standards and returns cleaned air directly to the production area. Proprietary filters drain the oil mist and collect it for reuse. While similar solutions exist in the market, they cannot keep up with the production demands of modern machines. Clean Air Zero Mist™ outperforms them all!

Video of Zero Mist™: Particle Mist Coalescing For Removal