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Clean Air ZeroMist™ Oil Mist Filtration

The Clean Air ZeroMist™ Series includes a wide range of coalescing fiber bed filter systems designed for coolant mist, oil mist, and oil smoke applications.


zeromist photo at eatonDesigned specifically for oil mist based (water/emulsion based) applications, the Clean Air ZeroMist™ captures the oily air at the source, filtering it out at 99.995% efficiency before releasing crystal clean, filtered air back into the facility.  Utilizing the most advanced filters on the market, the technology used by the Clean Air ZeroMist™ units allows for the longest filter life on the market by using deep fiber bed filters that allow the oil to coalesce and drain off the filter allowing it to be reused or disposed of.

The Clean Air ZeroMist™ coalescing fiber bed technology is the best collection system on the market and was designed specifically to overcome inherent design flaws with competitive technologies.  Current conventional technologies of mist and smoke collection systems are not designed to handle modern CNC machining process demands with high-pressure coolant delivery, sub-micronic particulate generation, and realistic maintenance demands.  The Clean Air ZeroMist™ is an application-specific solution that overcomes these deficiencies.




  • Grinding (water-based & synthetic coolants)
  • Turning (water-based & synthetic coolants)
  • PrintMilling (water-based & synthetic coolants)
  • EDM
  • Machining (water-based & synthetic coolants) with moderate spindle speeds
  • Designed for 24/7 operations, these units have the longest filter life in the industry!


  • Self-draining filters
  • Optional VFD packages for energy savings
  • Heavy-duty cabinet construction made in the USA
  • Maximum coolant reclaim
  • Customization with modular construction
  • Custom control panel options include UL/CSA rated magnetic IEC/NEMA motor starter packages, VFD Smart Panels™ and optional PLC packages that allow for complete monitoring of voltage, amperage, filter conditions, alarm conditions, and additional parameters.


  • Eliminates coolant mist (neat oil or emulsion)
  • With extremely low PM you can install and relax, checking gauges periodically
  • Designed to work 24/7 even in high demand applications
  • Simple and low cost to install
  • Removes harmful particles including bacteria
  • application spotlight button zero mistExtreme low maintenance
  • Main filter life can exceed 2 years
  • Reuse separated oil
  • Speeds up the production process
  • Can be connected to several machines
  • Reduces power consumption

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