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Clean Air Smart Collector™

Innovative Down Flow Collector designed with efficiency and energy savings in mind


Particles created during the manufacturing process (smoke, dust, etc.) can be extremely hazardous to your employee’s health; also, the decrease in life span of your equipment can cause unexpected and costly repairs.

The Clean Air Smart Collector™ is a line of highly effective cartridge-based collector systems designed with efficiency and energy savings in mind. With units ranging from 2 filters to 48, Clean Air America can provide a system that provides you with the best air-to-cloth ratio, giving you a system that not only cleans your air but saves you on maintenance costs.  The Clean Air Smart Collector™ is a complete state-of-the-art cartridge collector series, suitable for a wide variety of applications and superior to all other designs on the market. The Clean Air Smart Collector™ is the most efficient collector on the market, and has the lowest total cost of ownership.

word snippet for sc part of websiteThe Clean Air Smart Collector™ system utilizes a unique design that incorporates a true downward airflow pattern within the cabinet.  This design is achieved with a customized clean air duct plenum system (CAD) that supports the cartridge filter elements, acts as the clean air plenum, and in turn houses the advanced technology cleaning system.  The clean air duct plenums can be provided in single or multiple arrangements that allow for cell-mounted units or larger, custom centralized units.  This arrangement promotes extended filter life with efficient airflow patterns within the collector cabinet.   Optimal spacing of the CAD plenums ensure the lowest can velocity within the collector cabinet, eliminates re-entrapment, and allows us to provide filter life that is up to 50% higher over competitor vertical cartridge filter systems, and up to 75% longer than competitor horizontal based cartridge filter systems.  This technology ensures that the Clean Air Smart Collector™ provides the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.


Key Components of the Clean Air Smart Collector™:

Clean Air Smart Collector SC 12 exploded view with numbers1. Filters: flame retardant cartridge filters capture the smoke or dust particles cleaning it to well below OSHA and international air quality standards.

2. Motor/Blower: Direct drive motor and blowers are used to decrease the amount of wear and tear on the parts and decrease energy and maintenance costs.

3. Construction: Constructed of heavy duty 12 gauge steel, the body of the collector is designed to hold up to the rigors of a 24/7 manufacturing facility.

4. Hopper: (Optional) The hopper attaches to the bottom of the unit and funnels the filtered particles to an easy to clean dust bin.

5. Legs: (Optional) Legs allow the unit to be placed off the floor, providing a storage area or for the unit to be placed above an existing unit.

6. VFD: (Optional) Designed to provide you with a “soft start” feature and motor speed controller, the VFD slowly starts the motor upon start up and only uses the power needed for proper filtration.

7. Dust Bin: Filtered particles are funneled down to the dust bin, allowing for easy removal of the dust and smoke particles.

Product Submittals

CAA Smart Collector SC2 Spec

CAA Smart Collector SC4 Spec

CAA Smart Collector SC8 Spec

CAA Smart Collector SC12 Spec

CAA Smart Collector SC18 Spec

CAA Smart Collector SC24 Spec

CAA Smart Collector SC36 Spec

CAA Smart Collector SC48 Spec


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