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Lincoln Land Community College

June 14, 2013

Clean Air America Deploys 7 LEAF WeldStations at
Lincoln Land Community College To Provide Air Filtration

Self-Contained Welding Stations Save Energy, While Cleaning the Air

October 4, 2012 – Atlanta, GA– Clean Air America, Inc., innovator in air filtration products that protect workers, students, and the environment, recently deployed 7 Clean Air LEAF WeldStation™ units at Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC), which offers welding operator and welding specialist certifications. The Clean Air WeldStation™ units will be used to eliminate weld smoke and grinding dust from the welding training lab, providing crystal clean air for students and staff to breathe.

“Last year, LLCC added welding as a career offering on campus,” said David Green, Dean of Business and Technologies at LLCC. “We chose Clean Air’s WeldStation™ LEAF because they are very quiet, do not require make-up air, and are only on whenever a student is using an individual welding cell, so we save energy.”

“We have installed Clean Air WeldStation™ unis in over 200 forward-thinking community colleges, like LLCC, which emphasizes student safety as well as focuses on ‘greening’ the environment and saving energy,” said Jorgen Brahm, Senior VP, Clean Air America.

The Clean Air Dual LEAF WeldStations™ will be housed in the newly constructed 80,000 square-foot Workforce Careers Center, on the LLCC campus in Springfield, IL. The building showcases a new state-of-the-art welding lab utilizing the Clean Air WeldStations™ to capture all smoke and dust from welding operations. As the college is seeking LEED Silver status on the new building, the WeldStations™ can help significantly by keeping smoke and dust out of the air.

LLCC added 7 Dual WeldStations™ which feature a secondary weld booth that can be positioned side by side on either left or right of the main unit or on the back, making this system extremely flexible. The Clean Air WeldStations™ incorporate low energy air filtration (LEAF) for greener work environments and saves on energy up to 80% using the Smart Start (automatic start stop), VFD (variable frequency drive), LED lights, high efficiency blowers and premium efficiency motors.

Clean Air WeldStations are completely self-contained welding booths made of 100% recycled steel and have longer filter lifetimes for less cost. A sleep mode automatically engages to save on energy when the system sits idle for a certain time. The Clean Air WeldStation™ requires no ductwork to the outside, making it simple and easy to install. The heavy-duty, adjustable height worktables and exceptional interior lighting provide an adaptable welding work center.


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