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Clean Air Streamer™ – Welding Smoke Removal For Large Facilities

June 18, 2013

Clean Air Streamer™

Welding Smoke Removal for Manufacturing Facilities with Large Parts

How the Clean Air StreamerTM Works
The cross flow method of air filtration uses push pull technology to create air movement at a high velocity that moves welding smoke continuously through the air filters and returns clean air to the work space.

Clean Air Stream is powered by a Clean Air Smart Collector that varies in size depending on the requirements. A plenum on top of the Smart Collector uses adjustable louvers to create a circular "stream of clean air. In the inlet side of the collector is an inlet plenum that "captures the dirty air.


The system continuously moves cleaner, filtered air around the facility preventing the formation of a welding fume layer. It is powered by a series of filtration units, a plenum on top of each uses adjustable louvers to create a circular "stream of clean air. The inlet side of the collector houses an inlet plenum that "captures and filters the dirty air.

The system creates a "wall" of air movement from one side of a plant to the next and continuously cleans the air.

The Clean Air Streamer: can be combined with the Clean Air Smart Panel that depending on applications and needs, can include the Clean Air LEAF (Low Energy Air Filtration) system that will let you experience upwards of 50% less energy used in your equipment.

Why Clean Air Streamer?
The Clean Air Streamer Advantage

  • Reduces Worker Exposure Levels: Smoke, grinding dust, and other production pollutants are collected and cleaned efficiently through modular air filtration systems
  • Covers All Worker Elevations: This type of modular system prevents a false ceiling of smoke and fume from forming, so workers at different elevations are protected.
  • It requires almost zerofoot print, no duct work is necessary and it reduces installation costs
  • Slashes Energy Costs: Returns clean air to within the building, thereby reducing expenses associated with makeup air helping to slash gas and electric costs

Welding Smoke Removal

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