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Clean Air WeldStation™ Welding Booths at Hill College

June 18, 2013

The Hill College Welding Department—an American Welding Society SENSE Level 1 school—offers classes year round and allows students to start on their welding education in each of the three semesters. 


Located in the heart of Central Texas, Hill College finds itself in a hotbed of fabrication. In addition to job shops and general manufacturing, the area has a demand for trained welders to feed local companies.

The Hill College Welding Department—an American Welding Society SENSE Level 1 school—offers students the skills they need to gain entry level welding jobs in each of these fields through various curriculum paths. This includes a basic arc welding certificate, a semi-automatic certificate, and a special arc welding certificate that combines both of the other curriculum with a capstone class that requires successful completion of the AWS Entry Level Welder Qualification (AWS QC10-95). The school also offers a certificate of technology that leads students into an associate of applied science in welding degree featuring both academic and technical classes.

As with many schools around the country, there is a delicate balance between outfitting welding labs with top-of-the-line equipment and balancing budgets—a fact further highlighted by the fact that the school planned to open a third welding lab at its Meridian campus. Through a series of state and federal grants, Hill College was able to outfit  the welding lab with state of the art Welding Booths by Clean Air America, Inc. These WeldStation™ welding booths are in use at more than 200 weld training labs through the US and Canada and are considered the best in the industry.


WeldStation LEAF Welding Booths Benefits

  • Welder safety
  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • Completely self-contained
  • Longer filter lifetime for lower cost
  • Economiser for Automatic Start/Stop of unit when welder strikes an arc
  • Override for grinding applications
  • LED light Illumination
  • Lower Noise Level (61-65 dBA)
  • Configuration flexibility single or dual units

Why Clean Air Welding Booths?

The Clean Air WeldStation™ LEAF (Low Energy Air Filtration) welding booths are the ideal solution for a Welding Training Facility wanting to improve working conditions for the staff as well as the students. The WeldStation™ LEAF selding booths are offered in a number of models including Single and Dual configurations. Simply put the WeldStation™ LEAF is the benchmark for how modern Welding Training Facilities want their lab to look. Give us a call to find out how we can help you realize your vision for your Welding Training Facility like we have done for hundreds of others in the US, Canada and Mexico. (866)665-1829 or


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