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What is Low Energy Air Filtration (LEAF)?

June 18, 2013

LEAF stands for Low Energy Air Filtration and is an industry standard for greener products and work environments. Clean Air America works hard to provide environmentally friendly air filtration products, especially when they save on energy costs and feature low noise. With energy costs rising by 118% between 2006 and 2011, savings on these costs helps businesses, especially during the world recession.

Air quality within a manufacturing environment is critical to the health and well being of the company workforce. Studies show that fine particulates in the air can cause a number of short term and long-term health problems. Gases, dust, bacteria, and vapor can cause irritations in the lungs, eyes, and nose, and can cause fatigue and headaches.

When the energy crisis of the 1970s occurred, many businesses added tighter sealed windows and doors, vapor barriers, and more insulation to buildings. New building construction techniques were developed to decrease the amount of heat transfer through walls and windows and to reduce the volume of air exchange through walls, windows, and doors. Couple these techniques with today’s increased production demand in manufacturing plants and machine shops and the result is a large buildup of contaminants inside buildings and plants.

Many industries today are under government mandates to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. As well as the need for improved energy performance, other environmental issues – such as noise, refrigerants, containment, recyclables and materials – are driving change throughout these industries.

The solution is low energy air filtration (LEAF) systems that deliver cleaner air with over 4x reduction in fine dust particulates. They save energy and clean air with greater efficiency.

In air filtration systems, filters account for approximately 30% of the total energy cost of the system. Cost reduction in LEAF filters comes from the lower cost to replace the air filters, lower labor costs, energy savings, and CO2 reduction. Typical numbers include :

  • Replacement Air Filters – 15% reduction
  • Labor to change filters – 64% reduction
  • Energy to move air through filters – 16% reduction
  • Carbon Dioxide – 16% reduction

Clean Air offers many LEAF products, such as the WeldStation LEAF which meets LEAF (Low Energy Air Filtration) standards and reflects “Green” features that save energy up to 80% using the Smart Start (automatic start stop), VFD (variable frequency drive), LED lights, high efficiency blowers and premium efficiency motors.

To stay on the forefront and exceed industry expectation for energy conservation, Clean Air America features the latest in product engineering and custom design. In addition, these Low Energy Air Filtration (LEAF) units and installations benefit from cost savings and green design.



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