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Ducted System in Air Filtration

September 4, 2013

Importance of Welding Smoke Filtration

What health risks does welding involve?

Many welding rods contain a high amount of manganese that helps strengthen the bond of the metals that are being joined.  While the extra strength being created by manganese is great for a producing a quality product, the fumes and smoke that comes as a byproduct of the welding process is extremely hazardous to yourself, your workers, and/or your students.  If proper filtration is not done, the gases can overpower the oxygen in the air making it difficult to breathe.  Although manganese is the most common other toxins that are release are:  zinc, cadmium, mercury, lead, and carbon monoxide.


Many of the symptoms associated with extended exposure to high level of exposure manganese include :  tremors, shakes, loss of balance, slower response speed, trouble walking, slurred speech, extreme drowsiness, or night time leg cramps.  Many of these symptoms are very similar to those of Parkinson’s Disease, although no evidence has linked the two together.  This alone shows the importance of protecting yourself along with everyone that might come in contact with the welding smoke.

Benefit of Engineered Systems

These are best for unique situations where source capture is not a viable option.  This could be because of the size of the piece being worked on, the use of robotic welding, or any other special application.  In these cases using a specially designed Clean Air ducted system will be best.  These could include the use of the Clean Air WeldCell, custom ducted system, Clean Air Smart Collector, hoods, and moreOur ducted systems are custom engineered for the particular application you need it for.  This combined with a clamp together design make it the easiest installation of anyone on the market.  These products along with much more can be found at


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