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Importance of Backdraft Based Welding Booths

September 3, 2013

Health Risks of Welding Smoke

Many welding rods contain a high amount of manganese that helps strengthen the bond of the metals that are being joined.  Although manganese is the most common other toxins that are release are:  zinc, cadmium, mercury, lead, and carbon monoxide.  Many of the symptoms associated with extended exposure to high level of exposure manganese include :  tremors, shakes, loss of balance, slower response speed, trouble walking, slurred speech, extreme drowsiness, or night time leg cramps.



Why a Back Draft Based Welding Station?

Welding booths that utilize a true backdraft based air filtration system pulls the welding smoke back and away from the welder instead of upwards.  This helps prevent the ability of the smoke to get under the welder’s hood and into their breathing area.  The Clean Air WeldStation (including the LEAF configuration) welding booths utilize this true backdraft air filtration system.  With the LEAF configuration you get the benefit of the backdraft filtration in a ductless welding booth so no duct work is needed.   Check out the video below to see the amazing job the Clean Air welding booths do and go to for info on the WeldStation and all of Clean Air’s products.



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