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Major Upgrades at Kilgore College Using Clean Air America Products

September 13, 2013

After receiving part of a $3 million state grant, Jobs and Education for Texans (JET), Kilgore College was about to upgrade almost all of the equipment in their welding training lab. With the money the college was able to install new robotic equipment, seven new multi-process welding station, expand the size of the welding shop, and add 22 new Clean Air America WeldStation LEAF welding booths. On top of the grant, Killgore College also received a $3,000 donation from Mike Clements, Energy Weldfab, Inc., and Dennis McFadin, D&D Industrial Welding Supply, Inc., to help set up a scholarship fund for welding students.


When asked about the grant and donation welding instructor Cody Edwards said, “Thanks to the generosity of these local businesses and the big grant we received, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of welding technology and give our students the best education possible.”


The Clean Air WeldStation LEAF welding booths utilize a backdraft based filtration system that pulls welding smoke away from the welder instead of up, which has a greater chance of getting into the welders breathing zone. On top of increasing safety, the LEAF welding booths has the lowest total cost of ownership by having 30-80% energy savings and a 2-5 year filter life. Visit to see what solutions Clean Air America can help you with.

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