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North Platte Community College Completes Upgrades with Clean Air Welding Booths

September 12, 2013

North Platte Community College in North Platte, Nebraska recently completed the upgrades to their welding lab using Clean Air America welding booths.  After receiving a $400,000 grant from TEAA (The Energy Alliance Association) the school was able to remodel the welding shop and purchase high tech equipment to help establish the college’s welding program as an industry training leader.

The college recognized the importance of highly skilled welders in today’s growing industrial environment and worked to help students build those skills. Marcus Garstecki, VP of NPCC said, “Here in this lab we had spent a lot of time on the machine shop, and we were hearing from our employers out in our service area that while that’s still important, it’s not near as important as the welding skills that students need to have when they go out into the workforce.”  After purchasing 12 brand new welding booths from Clean Air America, North Platte has greatly improved their welding lab.

“It’s really exciting from an administrative standpoint, because we want our faculty to have the BEST EQUIPMENT that’s out there.  When students come in here we want them to feel confident that they’re going to get the education they want and the equipment’s a big piece of that and so we know coming in that they’ll have the opportunity to train on the best and then when they go out into the workforce that they’re going to be ready for whatever it is they see out there every day when they go to work,” said Garstecki.

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