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Seminole State College of Florida Restarts Welding Program

December 20, 2013

Seminole State College of Florida recently completed renovations to their welding program, which has been sitting idle for two years.  As of January 13, 2014 students will be able to train to be a part of one of the most in demand jobs right now thanks to a $100,000 grant and welding booths from Clean Air America, Inc.


Newly Renovated Welding Lab At Seminole State College Of Florida

Professor Jesse Kamm is quoted as saying, “The equipment is the latest in environmentally-friendly and green technology.  With the expansion, we’ve doubled our capacity and can accommodate up to 20 students.”

Seminole State purchased 10 WeldStation Dual Welding Booths to help keep their students and faculty safe from any welding smoke/dust that will be created in the learning process all while having green features such as automatic start/stop and variable frequency drives to help decrease energy consumption by up to 70%.  “We’re training students using the most up-to-date technology available,” Kamm says.   “There’s no other college in Central Florida with this type of equipment.

Students can apply for the program until January 3.  For more information, call (407) 708-2848, email, or visit

About Clean Air America

We are recognized by global manufacturing companies as innovators and best-of-breed for high-tech welding booths, manual and robotic welding smoke removal, dust and high performance oil mist collectors. Clean Air’s design, manufacturing and R&D teams continuously improve the specialty units and total systems that eliminates welding smoke, grinding dust, and oil mist.  For more information call: (866) 665-1829 email:, or visit

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