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NESHAP Series Pt. 4: What To Do From Here

March 25, 2014

NESHAP Series Pt. 4:  What To Do From Here


Now that we know what NESHAP is, how do you know if you fall under it, and if you are considered an exception and how to test, it is time to figure out what to do now.  There are just a few steps to help your company make it's way to complience.  Step 1 is a must but whether you take steps 2 and 3 or just skip to 4 is up to you.  We blieve that a self-contained filtration system is by far the most effective and easiest way to come under complience.  These self-contained filtration systems will be discussed further in part 5 of the series.


What To Do From Here

Since Rule 6x went into effect on July 25, 2011 facilities that were not in compliance were expected to notify the EPA by those dates, but many companies either did not know the deadlines, did not know the rule, or thought they did not fall under that rule. If your company falls under Rule 6x and failed the Method 22 test you should proceed as follows:

1.  Notify the EPA

2.  “Tier 1” response: Change the process to eliminate the hazardous emissions. This can be done by using different materials or different setting to reduce emissions.

3.  Conduct another Method 22 test to see if progress has been made.

4.  “Tier 2” response: If the second test fails corrective action must be taken immediately tofall under compliance.  From this point, new filtration methods must be implemented to be in compliance with Rule 6x.  This can be done by a highly effective self-contained or ducted cartridge filtration system.


For more information about self-filtration or to see the other parts of this series go to

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