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Top Schools Using Clean Air WeldStation Series Pt. 1

March 27, 2014

In order to attract students colleges know that having a top of the line facility and equipment will help bring in and retain students.  In this blog series we are highlighting some of the schools that currently or are in the process of putting in Clean Air WeldStation welding booths.  For years, and still some today, schools have been using skeleton booths and fume arms to filter out the welding smoke, but this style filtration is no longer effective or attractive.  The most innovative and effective way to filter out the welding smoke is with a proper backdraft based welding booth that is completely self-contained.  These welding booths are the complete solution for any tech school, high school, college, or welding training facility looking to create a top of the line filtration system to protect their students from the hazards of welding/grinding. 


Since the Clean Air WeldStation welding booths came out in the late 90’s, they have been successfully implemented in over 250 locations around the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Those who have put these systems in their facility see that they are not only a good investment but also the best system to properly filter out the air from welding smoke and grinding dust.  As one of the leading manufacturer of self-contained welding booths, Clean Air America has a proven record with colleges, training facilities, and even the nation’s top automotive manufactures providing quality air filtration to their facility.  “After 30 years in the air filtration industry,” said Jorgen Brahm, Sr. VP at Clean Air America, “we have an excellent reputation with colleges and manufacturing facilities with both quality and cost efficient air filtration units we provide.”




Tennessee College of Applied Technology

One of the more notable names in the Tennessee area, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology, has recently come to Clean Air America to help it expand it’s offering to the state of Tennessee.  The Tennessee College of Applied Technology, has recently expanded the presence of Clean Air America’s products by adding 40 Clean Air WeldStation LEAF Dual welding booths totaling 80 booths to be implemented on 5 of their campuses.  These booths will be installed within the next couple of months to create state of the art welding facilities to help alleviate some of the need for skilled workers in the manufacturing industry.   These welding booths were chosen because the overall value of the system; getting a top of the line, self-contained welding booth that effectively pulled smoke away from the welder and for a cost cheaper than an exhaust system or other similar welding booths.




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