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Top Schools Using Clean Air WeldStation Series Pt. 2

March 31, 2014

Today's blog in our "Top Schools Using Clean Air WeldStations" features Salina Tech in Salina, Kansas.  The school made a major transformation from the old style ducted system booths to the state of the art Clean Air America WeldStation welding booths.  The transformation from the old welding lab to the new is astonishing when you see the side by side comparison below.  As the most effective way to filter out the fumes created in the welding/grinding process, the Clean Air WeldStation welding booths help keep the welding lab clean all while saving the environment from the fumes that would otherwise be exhausted to the outside.  These booth also help pay for theirselves;  helping to cut your energy costs by eliminating the need for makeup air and with integrated soft start and automatic start/stop features.  Take a look for yourself at the transformation below and decide which lab you would rather have!


Salina Tech

In 2012 Salina Tech in Salina, Kansas received a grant to improve upon their current welding lab and expand the amount of students that can enter the program.  With all the options available to them, Salina Tech chose Clean Air America because they off the best quality welding booths at the best price.  After starting off with concrete skeleton booth being exhausted to the outside, the school now has a state of the art welding lab that not only looks impressive to those coming in but also effectively protects the students and the environment.  By using a self-contained backdraft system, the Clean Air WeldStation welding booths pull the smoke away from the welder and allow it to be trapped in polyester filter before returning clean air back into the room.  This keeps the room clean from smoke/haze all while keeping it organized and state-of-the-art.



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Salina Pre Rennovations Salina With Clean Air WeldStation Welding Booths



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