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NESHAP Series Pt. 5: Cartridge Engineered Solutions

April 10, 2014

NESHAP Series Pt. 5:  Cartridge Engineered Solutions

Since we have discussed everything you need to know about NESHAP in general and how if affects the welding being done in your facility, we will go over the most popular way to properly filter out the smoke to keep your workers safe and stay under NESHAP standards, a cartridge collector systems.  Since the exhaust system is not a viable option any more, the only effective way is to filter it through a cartridge filter based collector that will clean the air and return it to the facility or out to the outsite.  These collectors feature some version of a polyester based filter that the welding smoke filled air is gone through to take out the smoke particles from 95-99% effeciency.  By using a quality collector you will eliminate the worry that you might not be in compliace with EPA regulations.

Cartridge Engineered Solutions

Exhausting air outdoors is no longer a viable filtration method if you are not complying with Rule 6x. Other methods of removing the contaminated air must be put in place. Here at Clean Air America we recommend a self-contained, cartridge based collection system. A carefully picked cartridge system will filter out the welding fumes and other hazardous contaminants without the need to exhaust to the outdoors. By choosing a well designed and quality collector you will not only be in compliance but get an efficient system that helps decrease maintenance and energy costs while increasing producing capabilities.

Exhaust systems normally require some sort of air make up unit or system. These systems bring new air into the facility to make up for the air that is being forced out of the building without replacing it in any way. With a proper cartridge system, this “make up air” unit is no longer needed. With a quality system, the dirty air will be filtered in a cartridge filter and is then pumped back into the facility using the same unit. Not only will energy costs decrease by running half the units needed for exhausting, but by picking an energy efficient cartridge system (Low Energy Air Filtration) the energy savings become even greater.

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