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NESHAP Series Pt. 6: Clean Air Smart Collector Systems

April 14, 2014

Clean Air Smart Collector Systems

The final part of the NESHAP series discusses Clean Air America's solutions to help you get within compliance with the EPA standards set forth through the NESHAP laws.  With over 20 years of experience in the air filtration industry, Clean Air America has the experience needed to bring you a solution that will properly filter out the air eliminating the need for any sort of exhaust system taking the air to the outside.  These applications are completely turn-key engineered solutions that can be used in:  welding, grinding, laser/plasma cutting, oil mist and smoke, and more that are used within welding training labs, vocational schools, sheet metal shops, and manufacturing plants. Clean Air America delivers the highest safety, quality, reliability, and performance products that modern air filtration applications demand.


Clean Air Smart Collector Systems

The Clean Air Smart Collector™ range of high performance collectors comes in a variety of sizes and options. Ranging in size from our smallest collector the SC 2 (2 filters) to our largest the SC 48 (48 filters) these collectors can be used in any project small or large. These collectors require a ducted system and are ideal for a variety of applications including; welding, grinding, plasma & laser cutting, buffing, polishing, sanding, mixing operations, blasting and many more. This unit is a vital part of other Clean Air systems such as the Clean Air WeldCell, CutCell, ducted WeldBooth, and our hoods/turn-key ducted systems. Comprised of heavy duty steel, direct drive motor, and high efficiency blower, this unit is rugged enough to keep up with the life of a 24/7 manufacturing facility. 


The Clean Air Smart Collector™ is an innovative generation of cartridge collectors suitable for a wide variety of applications and superior to all other designs on the market. It features a 50% better filter lifetime vs. other vertical style collectors and 75% better filter lifetime vs. horizontal designs. The Clean Air Smart Collector™ has the lowest overall TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) on the market!Clean Air Smart Collector Systems

Other Clean Air Cartridge Systems

Clean Air WeldStation: This self-contained welding booth utilizes the ACGHI back draft filtration method all while reusing the facility air and saving on energy costs.

Clean Air Portable Fume Collector: This is an easy to move, source capture device that provides you with power and portability.

Clean Air Down Draft Table: A compact and powerful unit, the Clean Air Down Draft Table is the perfect single station solution for a welding, grinding and/or plasma cutting application

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