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Top Schools Using Clean Air WeldStation Series Pt. 4

April 8, 2014

In the final section of this series features the Iron Workers Union and their training facilities.  Known as one of the top training union when it comes to welding, Clean Air America is proud to say that many Iron Workers facilities around the United States use Clean Air America WeldStation welding booths.  Like the one pictured below, Iron Workers centers have created a top-of-the-line facilities that not only looks great but help protect those earning using their training center and the environment.  Although this is the last part of this series there are still 250+ and growing high schools, colleges, and training facilities across North America that are using these welding booths in their facility. 


Iron Workers Training Facilities


The Iron Workers Union is one of the most well-known metal fabrication unions in the United States and we wouldn’t have many of the monuments we have now; Gold Gate Bridge, World Trade Centers, St. Louis Arc, and more.  For years the Iron Workers have used Clean Air America in their training facilities around the United States.  Clean Air America is proud to be the go to source for local training centers around the United States to keep the facility clean and to keep those who are earning their certification or perfecting their trade from breathing in the hazardous fumes from the welding process.  By using a backdraft filtration method, the welding smoke is pulled away from the welder instead of up through the welder.  The versatility of theses booths allow not only any form of welding but also grinding and light hand plasma cutting; also by adding risers (12” height extension) overhead pipe welding is easy to do.



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