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What Makes A Good Oil Mist Collector Based On OSHA Best Practices

September 25, 2014

Although not a law abiding regulation, OSHA has published a best practices manual when working with metalworking fluids (MWF).  Covering everything from different coolant types, to collector systems, to management programs, this manual can help you protect your workers from the hazardous particles that come from MWFs.  Considered to be the primary method of collection, an oil mist collector unit is the optimum way to remove oil mist particles in the air.  As discussed by the OSHA Best Practices Manual, a proper oil mist collector will exemplify the following characteristics:

  • Multiple stage filtration system with final stage being a HEPA or DOP filter
  • High efficiency of filtration
  • Long filter life
  • Ability recirculate the filtered air into the facility


For more information about metalworking fluids, mist collectors, air quality testing, and more see the full Best Practices Manual at



Clean Air America can provide an oil mist collector or oil smoke collector to fit any size application need.  These systems meet all characteristics of OSHA collector systems including 3 stage filter, optional pre-filter, self-draining media filters, 99.995% efficiency, and recirculation of air.  The Clean Air ZeroMist oil mist and oil smoke collectors can help you achieve oil mist and oil smoke free air.  Contact us at (866) 665-1829 or

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