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Clean Air Ambient System Taking The Spotlight for Welding Company

February 5, 2015

Quality Industries, Inc., a metal fabrication company out of La Vergne, TN, sought out a solution for their aluminum welding fume needs and desired something that would allow them to eliminate the need to exhaust fans during the winter months to help keep their workers comfort intact. Quality Industry turned to Clean Air America to help provide a complete site survey, filtration solution, install, and final air quality survey.  Clean Air America provided an initial site survey to evaluate current air conditions, feasibility of different filtration options, and proposed a solution that would work best for Quality Industries. 

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The solution for Quality Industries was 6 Clean Air Streamer Model 6 ambient air filtration units placed in a cross bay air pattern that would change the air every six minutes.  With the overhead exhaust fans turned off the air quality readings were well below 0.50 milligram per cubic meter at .437 milligrams per cubic meter to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.  With no exhaust fans, the negative pressure and lower temperature was eliminated  in the working area to provide a comfortable and warm working area while having premium filtration for the 24 manual welding stations and 2 robotic welders. 

Quality Industry reps were happy with the units and service they received by saying "Overall I am very pleased with the Air Streamers.  We have roughly 24 manual welding machines and 2 robotic welding machines in the area that is being cleaned.  We were previously exhausting  out our air using 2 exhaust fans.  At this time our readings were a little over 1 mg/m3.  After installing the air streamers we have been able to turn off the exhaust fans and maintain levels under .5 mg/m3 throughout the welding area.   The Clean Air team has been very helpful with the install and setup of this system."

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