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Save Energy, Save Money

March 17, 2015

Managing energy consumption in your manufacturing environment can save you money, increase profits, and even help you win contracts.  Manufacturing facilities are becoming more and more aware of energy costs that are associated with their production machines.   As part of deciding on what new units to purchase, energy efficiency should be a key factor in your decision process.  A complete system that is designed properly and with energy savings in mind will save you on energy costs and will pay for itself within the first couple of years.  This starts not only with the collector system itself, but also with hood design and properly routed ducting that provides open air flow with minimal resistance.  By using a Clean Air filtration system, one automotive manufacture saved $700,000 annually on utility costs just by switching to a Clean Air system.


When designing air filtration systems Clean Air America has made energy efficiency a key selling point for their welding, grinding, machining, die casting, and other production application air filtration systems.  The first thing Clean Air puts into consideration on each unit is the parts being used in the collector.  Each filtration unit utilizes parts that are energy conscious such as high efficiency direct drive motors and blowers that have low energy consumption.  The next part of Clean Air’s energy efficient units is stand-by energy usage.  With both an Economizer and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) both as options for almost every Clean Air unit, stand-by usage is minimized.  The Economizer attaches to the welder, machining center, plasma cutter, etc. and detects when it is in use and turns the unit on when production is being done and goes into a sleep mode after a period of inactivity.  The VFD is designed to slowly ramp up the motor and regulates the motor so only the energy needed for proper filtration is used.  On top of this all Clean Air Systems clean the air up to 99.995% efficiency so that air can be recirculated into the facility.  By recirculating the air you can greatly decrease the A/C and heating costs being incurred by ventilating to the outside or by having an opening to help decrease haze/smoke.  The final component is designing the optimized solution from the hood to the duct work.  Each Clean Air system starts with a hood that is designed with optimum air flow with minimal resistance.  Each system is then designed to minimize the amount of duct work and turns needed as to decrease the CFM loss that it needs to be overcome.  By having low CFM loss a smaller collector can be used that does not require as much energy to power.


Next time you are looking at air filtration systems take into consideration the total cost of ownership that goes into each unit.  A unit that saves you on energy costs means a lower total cost of ownership and a greater profit that can be made for your company.  For inquiries about how Clean Air America can help you, contact us today at or (866) 665-1829.

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