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Clean Air At SkillsUSA National Conference 2015

June 15, 2015

Next week, Clean Air America's Doug Meredith will be at SkillsUSA's National Conference in Louisville, KY from June 22-26.  Make sure to come by the Clean Air table to see what Clean Air America can offer you in terms of air filtraiton for your welding training lab!


Clean Air America designs, manufactures, and delivers the best tools for your welding training facility no matter if you are a high school, college, union, or other training environment. Offering a variety of solutions, Clean Air America can provide you with systems such as the Clean Air WeldStation LEAF (self-contained welding booths), Clean Air Smart Collector (duct based collection unit), Clean Air CutCell (plasma cutting), and Plug and Play units like the Down Draft Table and Portable Fume Collector.  All Clean Air America units are designed with energy efficiency and high performance in mind allowing you to see great filtration of welding smoke and dust while saving energy.


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