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Rio Ammunition To Open Texas Manufacturing Plant

June 30, 2015

A subsidiary of Spain based MAXAM Outdoors, Rio Ammunition, is opening up a manufacturing facility in Marshall, Texas.  The 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility will be located on an 11-acre campus and is expected to employ over 60 employees.  Company officials say the plant will be able to produce more than one million shot shells per day and will allow Rio to continue to expand it's distribution throughout the USA and North America.


Íñigo Rodríguez Buche, Rio Ammunition’s General Manager, said “Due to the complexity of the machinery, the installation process has been a key milestone in the whole process of this factory’s construction. While all this construction was underway in Marshall, a fantastic team working both in our headquarters and the U.S. has made sure that all the pieces of this puzzle are in the right place: logistics, mechanics, operations, human resources, as well as ongoing production efforts at our plant in Iruña de Oca in Spain” 




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