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WeldStation: The #1 Choice for Your Welding Lab

October 21, 2015


When planning to upgrade or build a new Welding Lab, remember that Clean Air America, Inc. is the #1 source for weld smoke removal in your welding lab.  Clean Air America can solve any type of weld smoke removal solution that your school may encounter, and our Dual WeldStations (WS5 or LEAF) are the best fit for welding labs.


Each Dual WeldStation™ accommodates two welders or students.   


Some things to consider when evaluating our WS5 & LEAF Dual WeldStation™s:


  • Protecting the staff of student from weld smoke is the most important job of the weld booth.We create a clean, safe, and hazard-free environment capturing 99% of the toxic fumes.

  • The booths perform at 4,000 CFM (2,000 CFM per booth) at 5” of static pressure.This ensures that you get the best performance out of your weld smoke removal system possible.

  • Extremely durable – Made of 12 gauge steel and electrically charged powder coated, our WeldStation™s are built to stand the test of time.

  • The WS5 & LEAF Dual WeldStation™ consists of 2 booths (primary and secondary) that are completely customizable in that the secondary booth can be bolted to the left, right or behind the primary units. This allows for great flexibility and lets you use your lab space in the most efficient way possible.

  • They are completely self-contained (No ducting at all) and utilizes a 4 vertical cartridge filter system to purify the air in the room. By using the air in the room, you avoid pumping out your heat/AC as you would have with a ducted system.

  • Noise usually becomes an issue for most when dealing with welding booths, but our LEAF Dual WeldStation™s were designed to reduce noise output dramatically. The noise output of the LEAF WeldStation™ is 67-71 dB. Quite enough that users have had to touch the booth to make sure it is working.The noise reduction will provide a better learning environment for instructors and students.

  • The weld stations both utilize a compressed air pulsation filter cleaning system that is designed to extend the life of the filters in each unit to 3-5 years or longer. This saves the school great deal of money by reducing the replacement cost of filters dramatically. It is low maintenance.

  • The feature that most sets our LEAF (Low Energy Air Filtration) WeldStation™ apart from other self-contained welding booths is the Economizer function that comes standard with the LEAF. The Economizer function allows for the unit to automatically start once an arc is struck, and when the welder is done working, the unit will enter a “sleep mode” that reduces its power usage to 10%. This function will save the school significantly on energy costs (60-80% yearly).

  • Besides the fact that our LEAF model is proven to drastically cut energy costs by utilizing the Economizer feature, the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) will allow the unit to work only as hard as it needs to, thus ultimately saving the school even more money in the long run on energy usage.

  • Made in USA – One Source.Clean Air America has over 40 years’ experience of air filtration on a large scale, typically in heavy industrial and educational settings.We offer these engineered solutions factory direct and complete turn-key.We design, engineer, and manufacture everything at our facility in Rome, GA.Proudly made in the USA.



Contact Clean Air America, Inc. at 866-665-1829 or email for more information on WeldStations for your new welding lab.

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