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Why is Clean Air good for the environment?

October 26, 2015

Why is Clean Air good for the environment?


In every manufacturing plant, production machines emit smoke, dust, oil mist, and other particulates into the air and environment. These particulates are not only hazardous to the environment, but also are harmful to workers in the plant. Machining is also required for the production of many products.  Along with any high-volume machining process comes the generation of oil mist, which is battled continuously by maintenance and EHS managers in an effort to ensure plant cleanliness, reduce mist-related machine, electronics and HVAC failures, and most importantly, to ensure a quality breathing environment for employees.


Clean Air America, Inc. provides next generation industrial air cleaning systems that create a healthy working environment. Clean Air designs and manufactures turn-key engineered solutions for a variety of applications including welding, grinding, plasma cutting, and more that are used within technical training facilities, vocational schools, sheet metal shops, and manufacturing plants. Clean Air America delivers the highest safety, quality, reliability, and performance products that modern air filtration applications demand.


An exciting product in Clean Air’s line of oil mist removal is called the ScandMist™ Oil Collector.  Benefits of the ScandMist™ include better air purity, and lower oil costs for grinding and machining. In a factory environment, mist, smoke and harmful particles such as bacteria are generated by metalworking machines. This mist and smoke is exhausted into the factory air, making it unsafe for workers to breathe.


ScandMist™ removes practically 100% of oil from the airstream, eliminating slip hazards. ScandMist™ removes oil mist from the source – negating any problems with oil mist covering factory fittings. ScandMist™ also removes oil mist directly from the machine and returns it to the reservoir.


ScandMist™ uses a 3-stage process to clean the air for most applications where the first 2 stages are designed specifically either for emulsion or neat oil and the 3rd filter is a H13 HEPA (99.995%). With this high degree of separation and efficiency the cleaned air is then returned directly to the workshop. The outlet air from a ScandMist™ unit is of a level similar to that found in sterile areas and clean rooms used for clinical applications.


For more information on Clean Air America’s ScandMist™ and other air filtration products, please call 866-665-1829 or email

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