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Self-ventilation booths improve working conditions for Marshall welding students

December 16, 2015

Marshall High School welding students are clearing the air.


The advanced students in instructor Ian Zeringue's welding class are now using brand new Clean Air Self-Ventilation Booths from Clean Air America, Inc.


Zeringue's shop had six of the dual booths that contain 12 work stations, installed at the school this summer and first time user students this semester are loving the difference between these stations and the shop's old ventilation system.


"The old one was so loud, you couldn't hear anything in this room, even if it was right beside you," senior welding student Dillion Neal said Thursday. "And you could go in the restroom after class and blow your nose and there would be a ton of just black soot. These also make it easier to keep your work space clean."


The new dual clean air systems are quieter, more efficient and energy saving, Zeringue said.


"They have manual or automatic," he said. "Once you turn the machine on to start welding, it comes on automatically and starts filtering out the air. It's very good to have them and makes for a much better work environment. "


The six dual stations were bought for about $3,000 each, he said and the school's second welding shop is planning to get matching stations soon for the introduction welding classes.


The students are using the new stations to work on welding projects like building a hog trap for a Marshall ISD teacher, fixing one of the district's trailers by replacing the flooring and installing new fenders and making smokers and grills.


Neal said he plans on making a career out of his welding experience.


"Taking this class in high school gives you experience and hands on learning and you'll be able to do the job better than those that just start in college or on the job," Neal said. "Welders can get jobs at places like Trinity Industries or Honeywell."


Zeringue said students can graduate with their NCCER certification, giving them a leg up on the competition.


"Each company will require their own certification and testing but with the (National Center for Construction Education and Research) NCCER certification, they will know you know basic skills," Zeringue said. "They can make pretty good money with welding jobs, especially if they become a pipeline welder. I have a former student that's a pipeline welder and he's making about $11,000 a month."


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