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Clean Air America to showcase HS-2400 and OMC-600 at IMTS

September 6, 2016

Many manufacturing processes such as machining, heat-treating, CNC turning, cold-drawing, and more can create an oil/emulsion-based mist or smoke that can be extremely hazardous to an employee’s health, along with decreas­ing the life time of your equipment causing unexpected and costly repairs, and create a slippery working environment. Clean Air America, Inc. designed the Clean Air ZeroMist™ and ZeroSmoke™ to effectively filter out oil mist and smoke to create a clean and safe working environment. Utilizing an ad­vanced and unique technology, the Clean Air ZeroMist™ and ZeroSmoke™ allow for optimum filtration while providing low maintenance and ownership costs.

Clean Air America’s ZeroSmoke™ model HS-2400 is designed for “high smoke” applications.

The Clean Air ZeroSmoke™ HS-2400 is designed with larger coalescing fiber bed filters with a lower permeability rating and deep fiber bed media suitable for filtration of higher concentrations of sub-micron particulate.

Clean Air ZeroSmoke™ HS-2400 applications include:

  • Heat treating
  • Cold heading
  • Die casting
  • High-speed grinding with oil
  • Rotary transfer precision machining
  • Forging
  • Roll mills


Clean Air ZeroSmoke™ HS-2400 markets include:

  • Fastener manufacturers
  • Medical machining
  • Die casting manufacturing
  • Steel mills/aluminum mill manufacturers
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Oil & gas fabrication manufacturers
  • Aerospace manufacturers


The Clean Air ZeroSmoke™ features include a robust, industrial-welded cabinet complete with a positive locking cam to compress filter gaskets to eliminate bypass, oversized specially designed coalescing fiber bed filters designed to filter up to 150 mg/m3 of sub-micron particulate, final safety HEPA filter, and differential pressure gauges for each filter stage, test ports for each filter stage, hinged access doors, inlet plenum with 1”FPT drain fitting, as well as drain options that include p-trap or automatic pump back system c/w tank, float controls, and pump w/28’ of head pressure.  The ZeroSmoke™ HS-2400 can be mounted on a stand or floor mounted for use with automatic pump back system.  The HS-2400 is rated for 2,400CFM at maximum saturated conditions.  A 10HP energy efficient motor with a narrow width backward inclined high-pressure blower wheel provides 2,400CFM (at maximum saturation) with approximately 2.5”IN WG of external static pressure.  A sound-attenuated fan plenum reduces sound pressure levels.  Inlet connections can be supplied for either side of the unit or the rear of the unit to meet installation requirements.  An optional VFD package with HMI PLC can be supplied for basic energy savings or advanced system management with feedback for fan HP, amperage, voltage, filter conditions, and operational parameters that can be linked to process machine for tailoring performance to machine tool or process.

The Clean Air ZeroSmoke™ HS-2400 model is also a modular design and can be supplied with common inlet and outlet plenums for a larger centralized system with remote external centrifugal fan packages.  The basic unit is rated for 2,400CFM at maximum saturation and can be expanded to limitless CFM requirements to suit larger installation requirements or total plant or cell ventilation.

Complementing the Clean Air ZeroSmoke™ system is the Clean Air ZeroMist™ system, which provides the most advanced and efficient oil mist filtration of any unit currently on the market and the only one of its kind currently made in the USA.  Featuring a 3 stage filtration system, the Clean Air ZeroMist allows manufacturing facilities who do machining, metal cutting/pressing, steel mills, etc. to clean their facility with up to 99.995% efficiency to help protect their workers from the hazardous particles that can be produced during these processes.  The machines feature both a HEAP filter and coalescing fiber bed media filters.  These coalescing fiber filters allow oil particles that have been filtered to collect together until it is heavy enough to drain off the filter particles.

Clean Air ZeroMist™ Benefits

  • Exceeds International Health & Safety Standards
  • Can Be Connected To Several Machine Tools
  • Designed To Work Continuously 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week
  • Clean Air Can Be Returned Directly To Production Area
  • Technology Based On Fiber Bed Principle Which Is The Most Efficient On The Market
  • Removes Harmful Particles Including Bacteria
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Main Filter Life Can Exceed 5 years
  • Reuses Separated Oil
  • Speeds Up Production Process
  • Reduces Power Consumption

Clean Air Zero Mist™ Features

  • Continuous duty coalescing fiber bed mist collection system complete with the following stage one fiber bed filter, stage two fiber bed filter, final HEPA stage filter, 1.5HP centrifugal fan and motor w/acoustically lined plenum, hinged access doors, sloped inlet plenum w/1” FPT drain fitting, fully-welded construction with a durable powder coated paint finish.
  • Performance rated for 600CFM @ maximum saturation.


With over 20 years of proven designs and installations, Clean Air America, Inc. is the clear choice for industrial ventilation solutions for manufacturing and vocational/educational facilities. Providing quality application specific solu­tions from welding smoke/fume, dust collection, and coolant mist, oil smoke, and oil mist processes. Clean Air America, Inc. has designed these systems with exceptional quality, high-efficiency, and durability in mind to provide units that not only hold up to a 24/7 manufacturing environment but outper­form competitor’s technology and conventional systems on the market.  For more information please visit, call 866.665.1829, or email

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