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Special Approach for fumes and debris for Robotic welding environment

February 20, 2019

Haze is a given – so how to you improve air quality?

Robotic welding creates fume and debris, and there is no stopping it from entering the facility.  As the arc in robotic welding is operational for a longer duration than traditional manual welding, more weld fumes are produced. It is vital to clean the air as it poses great risk to operators inside the area where a vast amount of welding is performed.

Various options are available for extracting and filtering fumes produced by robotic welding. However, there are certain approaches that are proven more effective than others when the goal is to reduce haze and improve the plant floor’s air quality around the robotic welding applications.

The Clean Air BRAHM™ Series, including the BRAHM™ WeldCell, combines the most efficient features of our cartridge collector products to offer the most versatile, compact, and powerful cartridge collector series on the market to target the smoke and dust, and significantly improve environmental conditions inside the plant.

The BRAHM™ WeldCell Series is a compact, self-contained filtration system that captures and filters out smoke and dust from welding applications primarily in robotic welding cells.  This setup requires very little floor space for installation.

Clean Air Hoods are made to fit your application needs. The Clean Air Hood System is a modular hood designed to be efficient and cost effective, yet innovative in design.  This system consists of a bolt-together panel system with a transparent polycarbonate or sheet metal top.

By using standard components, the Clean Air Hood system can be simply installed and modified on most welding stations or production lines. It comes standard with an intake baffle plate in order to avoid sparks from entering the ducting system and can be easily disassembled in order to clean when desired.  Coupled with a Clean Air BRAHM™ Series Collector or WeldCell, the Clean Air Hood is available in a variety of configurations featuring a modular design with plexiglass or sheet metal tops. Clean Air Hoods are made to fit your robotic welding cell.

Clean Air America is routinely recognized by global manufacturing companies and educational facilities as innovators and best-of-breed for high-tech welding booths, manual and robotic welding smoke removal, and more.  Clean Air America can provide the appropriate collector to fit any size application need.  Our systems meet all characteristics of OSHA collector systems.  For more information on how Clean Air America can eliminate your haze issues, call 866.665.1829, email, or visit

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