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Energy Savings

The Clean Air Smart Control™ can control and individual or multiple Clean Air America solutions including Clean Air BRAHM™ Collector series,  WeldStation™ EVO™, Clean Air ZeroMist™ and ZeroSmoke™, and Clean Air FlexiBooths, giving maintenance personnel eye-level access to monitor multiple pieces of equipment from a single location, thereby reducing maintenance time and cost.

Smart Control™ options include:

  • Clean Air EVO™ Panel HMI (Human Machine Interface) – The Smart Pad HMI (Human Machine Interface) portion is the 6” touch screen device that enables the operator to monitor the system’s filter status, change variables for pulsing of valves more efficiently, daily and weekly data logging summary of system, etc.
  • Clean Air Smart Drive™ VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) – The Clean Air Smart Drive™ (Variable Frequency Drive) reduces energy consumption by as much as 50%.
  •  Increases filter life by as much as 50%. Longer filter life reduces filter costs while decreasing annual maintenance costs.

Live data logging and graphing capabilities mean that statistical data can be derived to allow more efficient operations with no added costs. The Smart Pad HMI is the connectivity between the Smart Drive (VFD) and the Smart Controller (PLC) that controls everything.

All of these features are placed in a NEMA 12 approved control panel and can be placed remotely in a convenient location inside your facility.


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