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Educational Customer Testimonials

“We have your welding stations in our welding program but I also have your dust collectors in my Collision Repair Shop. They work really well.”
– Greenville Tech, Greenville, TN

“Our school, Greeneville/Greene County Center for Technology in Tennessee, has been using the Clean Air America exhaust systems for more than five years now. These eleven systems have worked great with no problems at all.  Once every semester (twice a year), we simply blow out the air filters and they keep on working perfectly. These systems work excellent for all phases and types of welding fumes. Another thing we like is Clean Air America checks in with the school two to three times a year to see if we are happy with the systems and if they can do anything else to help with our ventilation needs. Thanks for your follow ups – we appreciate it.”
– Don Saunders, Welding Instructor, Greenville Tech, Greenville, TN

“We are satisfied with the overall performance. The air quality is better in the lab and the booths allowed us to add an additional 6 welding booths in the space available. I would recommend your product to anyone that has limited space.”
– Valdosta State, Valdosta, GA

“So far the WeldStation™ LEAF’s are outstanding and the students love them. We are pleased with all the welding station. They are a good investment.”
– TN Tech, Nashville, TN

“I am very happy with the way your booths have worked out for me.”
– Garden City Community College, Garden City, KS

“The welding stations are working great!”– Albany Technical College, Albany, GA

“The machines are working wonderfully. About 1:30 everyday they get cranked up and there is Welding going on. At this moment we don’t need any filters, but we will keep you posted. Take care, and stop by if you are in the area.” -Sandersville Tech, Sandersville and Louisville, GA (Customer since 2002)

“We chose the Clean Air WeldStation™ LEAF because it works perfectly to keep clean the entire weld lab, which operates five days/week from 7AM – 9PM. By utilizing these weld stations, we were able to meet the Gold Certification for LEED buildings and guarantee a superior quality for our indoor environment.”– John Goss, advisor, South Puget Sound Community College Welding Program

“I have enjoyed our welding stations. I asked for a shade 10 glass to be put in them and that has been a great move. That helps other students see what is going on in the booth when I am in there with a student trying to help with welding situations.”
– Wayne County School District, Jesup, GA

“The new booths at the Carrollton campus seem to be performing well, all students are pleased with the improvements over our old facility.”
– West Central Georgia Technical Waco, GA have 15 Dual W-5

“They are super! Couldn’t ask for a better product. They do exactly what they are designed to do.”
– East Central Technical College, GA

“I am the welding instructor on the Ayers campus of Gadsden State Community College located in Anniston Alabama. We currently have in use twelve dual weld stations which in my opinion are the best exhaust systems available. Your service department and commitment to customer satisfaction are second to none.”
– Gadsden State Community College, Anniston, AL

“We no longer have any smoke problems thanks to Clean Air America’s WeldStations.  Before purchase, I was able to see the WeldStations first hand at their factory. We now have computers in our lab.”
– Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, Iowa.

“Our goal at Tri Rivers was to build a state of the art welding lab. Clean Air America and their WeldStation™s were the key components in accomplishing our goal. We now have a clean, modern, bright and most importantly – Hazard Free – Welding Lab. The WeldStation™s are a fabulous product.”
-Tri Rivers Career Center in Marion, Ohio.

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