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Industrial Customer Testimonials

Clean Air America has many satisfied customers across industry and welding education. This is just what a few of them had to say about the Clean Air America products they have in their manufacturing facility or welding lab:


“Clean Air America installed our systems 10 years ago and they are working great; service has been excellent and we have referred you to other Honda facilities.”
– Honda, SC

“We love the way the system works, the fume arms are easy to move and the smoke is removed from the operators breathing zone.”
– Leading Manufacturer of bus frames in Anniston, AL

“The way the system works here is the way they should work in all our plants, installing the system before the manufacturing line came in is
the way to go in future.”
– Dana Holding Owensboro, KY

“I’ll try to not sound like a ‘salesman’ here…We have had no issues with fire in the systems to date. The systems are designed with ‘drop boxes’ at the points of collection as a first line of defense to ensure that no sparks get to the duct or collector boxes. Once inside the collectors there are spark and fire detectors which monitor the collector chamber and filter cartridge areas. If a fire is detected, powered dampers will slam shut to close the chamber off from the duct work and a halon replacement gas cylinder discharges into the chamber to smother the fire.  The duct work is ‘snap together’ type so we could take it down and clean the inside easily as needed.”

“Instead of a 200 HP blower on the roof, these units are operating with 25 & 30 HP motors on variable frequency drives.  This alone will be a huge energy saver.  CAA was very flexible during the design, never coming back for PO changes even though we changed the line layout several times before the final installation.  The system looks very good, has performed as promised, and I have had no problems thus far.”
– Benteler Automotive, AL

“When things do not work as planned for critical events, nasty-grams are sent.  This message is purely intended to congratulate you and your team on stepping up to meet our critical schedules.  Your quick response and professional conduct over the past weekend brought us out of a very bad situation and allowed us to start into production as scheduled.  The speed and workmanship supplied by Clean Air America to finish the job was very much appreciated by myself and the rest of the team here.  It took me a grueling work week to finally get enough time to gather my thoughts, but I felt that it was important enough to take time and give credit where credit is due.  Thanks again!”
– Husqvarna Orangeburg, SC after installing several new systems critical for making the production run.

“And let me say that the place looked terrific and that all our plant’s management levels, the company’s Board of Directors AND the owner of the company were very impressed.”
 – Facilities Manager Axle Manufacturing

Clean Air America’s products and services are not sponsored by the companies above. Nor do they own, operate, or license any of the products, services, or logos of the companies listed.

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