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Aluminum Welding Fume Collection Solution

clean-air-streamer-6-editQuality Industries, Inc., of La Vergne, TN, sought a solution for aluminum welding fume collection and the need to eliminate exhaust fans during the winter months for worker comfort.  Clean Air America Inc. provided a survey to evaluate current air conditions, feasibility of source capture, and proposed a solution.  The Clean Air America, Inc. Streamer models allowed the welders to work without impediment from fume arms or hoods, allowed crane access, and with the proper amount of air changes reduced the amount of aluminum oxide in the work area.  The Streamers also provide the benefit of de-stratification of heated air in the ceiling area.

Quality Industries, Inc. installed (6) six CAA Streamers in a cross bay air pattern to meet the air quality requirements with air changes every six minutes which reduced the overall steady state concentrations well below 0.50 milligrams per cubic meter to ensure compliance.  The resultant effect allowed the customer to turn off the two overhead ceiling mounted exhaust fans, increased the temperature in the working area from de-stratification, and provided effective filtration for (24) manual welding stations and (2) robotic welders.  Clean Air America, Inc. provided installation, start-up, and set-up of the discharge louvers to complete installation.  The customer is pleased with the installation and service received from Clean Air America, Inc.  Please contact us for additional information on the Clean Air America, Inc. line of Clean Air Streamers at #866.665.1829.

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