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Clean Air America Customers Team Up to Train Welders


Students at Vincennes University team up to train for RV welding jobs at local RV supplier Lippert Components

Clean Air America, Inc. customers Lippert Components has teamed up with prestigious school Vincennes University to train welders using a 12-week paid training program funded by the State of Indiana.  Elkhart County’s expanding recreation vehicle industry is benefiting from the new graduates, who are hired by Lippert Components’ Plant 19 in Goshen, IN.

Vincennes University conducts the courses, which provide trained welders for the supplier of RV parts, as Lippert is in need of additional welders in order to keep up with the demand for RV frames.  Courses include classroom and hands-on training, where students train using the Clean Air America WeldStation™ series product.  The program begins with potential welders in the classroom, learning basic welding principles.  Students then move to framework for the RVs, and finally onto the production floor.

The Lippert Components plant utilizes Clean Air America Streamers™ for welding fume and smoke collection.  With multiple welding locations and overhead jib cranes, the Streamer system is an excellent fit over a traditional push-pull system with ductwork, which would have interfered with cranes and the material flow with trailer chassis rolling into and out of the weld bays.

Vincennes University utilizes the Clean Air WeldStation™, an air filtration solution designed to keep students and staff alike safe during the welding and training processes.  As welding machines emit welding smoke and grinding dust, it is critical to properly ventilate the air in the lab so students and instructors breathe clean air while working on the machines. Clean Air America’s WeldStation™ provides the functionality needed for a low cost solution. The high performance Clean Air America WeldStation™ comes in a single or dual model, accommodates back-to-back or side-to-side configuration, is environmentally friendly, saves on energy costs, and features a heavy-duty table and interior lighting.

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