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Clean Air America

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Clean Air America Welding/Grinding Flexibooth

Unpack and Plug in for an Instant Weld Fume Solution

The Clean Air America Grinding/Welding Booth is the perfect solution for a self-contained, highly customizable welding or grinding are.

Performance:  Clean Air America’s Downdraft Table is best in class capture velocity, meaning you don’t have to worry about any fugitive dusts or fume escaping into the plant.

Highly Customizable:  Customization is the name of the game, included but not limited to air conditioning, height adjustable welding tables, power outlets, tank holders for gas, J-Hooks, explosion proof lights and more.

Made in the USA:  From cutting the steel to welding and powder coating, all Grinding/Welding Booths are manufactured in our facility in Rome, Georgia.

Handsfree: One of the main drawbacks of a source capture system (like a portable weld fume extractor) is that it requires the operator to position the fume arm or capture source correctly. Clean Air America Grinding/Welding Booth eliminates this failure point by taking it out of the operator’s hands entirely and functioning automatically.

Automatic Timed Pulse: The filter cleaner engages automatically based on usage so you don’t need to worry about keeping your filters clean.

Heavy Duty Construction: 12-gauge powder coated steel construction.

Plug-and-Play Fume Solutions for Immediate Relief Today


– Manual Welding
– Hand Plasma Cutting
– Large Part Fabrication


– High Rate of airflow
– Automatic Timed Pulse Filter Cleaning System
– Heavy-duty cabinet construction
– Made in the USA
– Keep your lenses clean
– Handsfree


– Eliminates dust and fume from your environment
– Removes harmful particles including bacteria
– Main filter life exceeds the industry standard
– Fire Suppression Available

Why the Clean Air America Booth?

– Keep a clean work environment you’re proud to show your customers
– Attract top talent with a safe workspace
– American made with quick service and support when required
– Reliable units that have been pushing the industry standard forward for over 30 years.

Health and Safety

Health and safety issues are being taken very seriously by a growing number of companies as OSHA, International, and industry standards increase. Many large US manufacturers are planning ahead and adopting European exposure limits as a global standard for their entire company and are exceeding OSHA Standards. To meet these standards companies must implement a highly efficient dust and fume filtration system to filter out the harmful particulate.  The exposure limits these companies are targeting range from .02 – 1 mg/m3 depending on company policy, well below the 5 mg/m3 standard set by OSHA. 

Clean Air Grinding/Welding Booth

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Custom Designs & Modular Configurations

Clean Air America can modify units to fit your specific application.  Everything from ceiling clearance, to floor space can effect what you need.  As we cut and weld everything in-house, we are able to accommodate your needs as required.

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