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Clean Air BRAHM® Collector Series

Ranging in size from 1 to 54 filters, the Clean Air BRAHM® Collector Series requires a ducted system, is ideal for a variety of applications, and is the most powerful cartridge collector series on the market.

Quick Specs
  • Ideal for production applications including welding, grinding, sanding laser/plasma cutting dust & other dusts
  • Up to 80% faster pulsing than previous industry models
  • CFM from 600-85,000
  • Optional low energy configuration with the EVO™ Panel and Variable Frequency Drive
  • Motor: 3-80 HP depending on model
  • Optional Fire Suppression System
  • Available in 1- 54 cartridge configurations
  • Cleaned air can be returned to facility
  • Lower total cost of ownership with lower energy costs and less frequent filter changes
  • 50% longer filter life vs. other vertical style collectors with decreased can velocity
  • 75% better filter lifetime vs. horizontal designs
  • Quick access filters and motor/blower doors
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