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Clean Air Cut Cell™

The Clean Air Cut Cell™ concept is an exclusive line of cartridge collectors engineered for high-static conditions in production laser and plasma cutting. When paired with the Clean Air BRAHM® Collector Series, this system is the most efficient on the market. Designed specifically for plasma and laser dust, Clean Air filters are engineered to effectively pulse off (clean) for an extended filter life.

Quick Specs
  • CFM from 2,000-32,000
  • Optional low energy configuration with EVO™ Panel and VFD
  • Motor: 3-80 HP depending on model
  • Optional Fire Suppression System
  • Cleaned air can be returned to facility
  • Lower total cost of ownership with lower energy costs and less filter changes needed
  • 50% longer filter life vs. other vertical style collectors
  • 75% better filter lifetime vs. horizontal designs
  • Quick access motor, blower, and filter doors
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