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Clean Air HighSmoke™

The Clean Air HighSmoke™ coalescing fiber bed technology is designed to handle modern machining process demands with high-pressure coolant delivery, sub-micronic particulate generation, and realistic maintenance demands.

Quick Specs
  • Used for heat treating, cold heading, bolt making, gear cutting, high-speed grinding with oil, forging, and rotary transfer machining applications
  • CFM from 2,400-12,000
  • Coalescing fiber bed media filters
  • 99.95% cleaning efficiency
  • 3 stage coalescing filtration system
  • 1-5 year filter life
  • VFD for up to 50% energy savings
  • Designed for continuous duty with maintained airflow throughout operation
  • Drained oil can be reused
  • Units are modular so custom systems can be made
  • Longest filter lifetime on the market
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