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How does the Clean Air ZeroMist™ work?

Filtration Process:

Stage 1 – Oil Coalesing Filters

The oil removal filters operate by collecting the oil or coolant, and then it allows the oil to drain to the base of the Clean Air ZeroMist™ unit. The filters do not “absorb” the oil, but rather coalesce it until it is heavy enough to drain.  Contaminated air passes through the filter media while the oil particles are attracted to the oleophobic fiber. The oil droplets continue to zeromist example for website pagecollide with the fiber so that the oil droplets gain in mass. As the oil drops become larger, they become heavy enough to fall against the airflow to the base of the Clean Air Zero Mist™ unit, where they can be collected or drained straight back to the machine tool sump.

Stage 2 – Oil Removal Filters

The “scrubbed” air is then passed through a highly efficient coalescer at stage two where the coalescing process is repeated. After this second filtration stage, the air is on average 95-98% free from oil mist.

Stage 3 – HEPA filter stage

Using a HEPA filter, this final stage ensures that fine, sub-micron particles (trace oil, smoke, bacteria, pollen and spores) are trapped and prevented from returning to the workshop.

HEPA filters (Grade H13 EN1822) operate at 99.95% efficiency at 0.3 µm. This means that in a workshop environment, effectively all hazardous particles are trapped ensuring only clinically clean air is returned to the workshop.


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