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Clean Air ZeroMist™

The Clean Air ZeroMist™ provides the most advanced, efficient oil mist and oil smoke filtration of any unit currently on the market. Featuring a 3 stage filtration system, the ZeroMist™ allows manufacturing facilities who are machining, metal cutting/pressing, steel mills, etc. to clean their facility with up to 99.995% efficiency, helping to protect workers from the hazardous particles that can be produced during these processes.

 Quick Specs
  • Used for Oil Mist or Oil Smoke applications
  • CFM from 300-50,000
  • Coalescing fiber bed media filters
  • 3 stage coalescing filtration system
  • 2-5 year filter life
  • VFD for up to 50% energy savings
  • Cleaned air can be returned to facility
  • Drained oil can be reused
  • Units are modular so custom systems can be made
  • Longest filter lifetime on the market
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