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Project Analysis

If you have air filtration issues, contact Clean Air America.  The first thing we will do is analyze your situation and process requirements.

We know that our industry-leading, engineered filtration units will provide the cleanest air possible in your production area.  In order to deliver the best and most energy-efficient solution possible, our experts need to answer and explore your process completely.

Clean Air America will provide:

  • Customized solutions created by our staff that meets your corporate standard and expectations.
  • State-of-the-art dust control and air cleaning & mist collection systems with our patented, true down-flow reverse pulse technology or advanced coalescing fiber mist & smoke collection systems.
  • Air that complies to current and future OSHA standards, air that protects the employees, air that reduced maintenance & housekeeping, and equally important durable equipment that can withstand modern production schedules.
  • Reliable equipment that exceeds customer expectations with a focus on energy conservation, reduced maintenance, and maximum life cycles.
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How much exhaust volume is required for effective ventilation and operator protection?

An evaluation of the contaminant concentration in the process or near the operator's working zone?

What is the defined characteristics of the contaminant?
Coolant mistOil mistOil smokeVaporDustWeld Smoke

What is the most effective means of capturing the airborne contaminant?
Direct machine connectionsSource capture hoodPush-pull on open machinesOther

What will be done with the metalworking fluid reclaimed in the process?
P-trap to containerAutomatic pump package to 55-gallon drumBack into the coolant trench

What will be done with the recirculated air back into the workspace or discharged into another area for positive or negative pressure?

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