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Laser & Plasma Cutting Dust Collection

Smoke, fumes, and particulate created during the plasma/laser cutting process can be extremely hazardous to your employee’s health along with having detrimental effects to the cutting table electronics, optics, and hardware. The Clean Air CutCell™ is a high-performance line of cartridge dust & fume collectors engineered for modern plasma and laser cutting tables. The Clean Air CutCell™ design includes carefully engineered features that promote maximum collection efficiency, decreased maintenance, maximum filter life, and assures protection of employees and your process equipment.

The Clean Air BRAHM™ Collector Series is a line of highly effective cartridge-based collector systems designed with efficiency and energy savings in mind. With units ranging from 1 filters to 108, Clean Air America can provide a system that provides you with the best air-to-cloth ratio, giving you a system that not only cleans your air but saves you on maintenance costs.


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