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Clean Air Cut Cell™


The Clean Air CutCell is an exclusive line of cartridge collectors engineered for plasma cutting filtration and laser cutting filtration to eliminate dust particles from entering the air. Each Clean Air CutCell™ system is designed specifically for each plasma cutting or laser cutting table to ensure proper filtration of the plasma or laser dust.  Consisting of a Clean Air BRAHM® Collector and a series of duct, this system can be used for a variety of plasma cutting and laser cutting table sizes and for one or multiple tables.  A custom engineered set of duct work connected to the bottom of the plasma cutting or laser cutting table draws the smoke and particulate to a cartridge based plasma or laser cutting filtration collector.


The Technology Behind the Clean Air CutCell

The power behind every Clean Air CutCell™ comes from one of the Clean Air BRAHM® Collector model collectors.  With units ranging from 1 cartridges to 54, there is a collector for any size project, no matter how large.  All Clean Air BRAHM® Collectors™ utilize Smart-Flow Technology, a system that positions the filters vertically instead of horizontally to increase filtration effectiveness by up to 70%, all while increasing filter life. The collector series is the most compact in the market for the power it delivers by using backward incline blower wheels with direct drive energy efficient motors that are located inside the collector.  Designed specifically for plasma and laser cutting dust, Clean Air’s filters are engineered to effectively pulse off (clean) the laser and plasma cutting dust particles from the filter to increase the filter lifetime.


The Clean Air Cut Cell™ can be connected to the Clean Air Synapse™ Panel to further enhance performance by providing a constant air to cloth ratio by using the Clean Air Smart Drive™ to increase or decrease the motor speed based on air flow needs. This ensures lower energy usage and since the air pressure on the filters are optimized to enhance filter cleaning, the combination can result in filter life extended by 50%, while energy consumption is reduced by 30-40%. The Clean Air Synapse™ Panel uses our Clean Air Smart Pad™, which is a 6” HMI (Human Machine Interface) that enables the operator to monitor the system’s filter status, change variables for pulsing of the valves, and gives timed data logging of the system. The Clean Air Control Panel is placed in our NEMA 12 approved control panel, built in our UL 508A approved panel building shop and can be placed remotely in a convenient location inside your facility.


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