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Clean Air Streamer EVO™

Welding Smoke Removal:
Ideal for Manufacturing Facilities with Large Parts

How the Clean Air Streamer evo™ Works

The Clean Air Streamer EVO™ is an ambient air filtration unit that is completely self-contained unit and requires ZERO duct work, making install and maintenance quick and easy.  The Clean Air Streamer EVO™ is the ideal system for large parts manufacturers or those using overhead cranes where a source capture system is either not feasible or can be very costly.  This system can also be used as a second level of defense to ensure optimum filtration for welding smoke and dust applications.  Usually used in pairs, the Clean Air Streamer EVO™ uses a push-pull system to push dirty air towards a unit allowing it to be drawn in and cleaned before being returned to the facility.

This system continuously moves clean, filtered air around the facility preventing the formation of a welding smoke layer.  A louver on the top of the unit takes the clean, filtered air and pushes it back into the facility to create a stream of clean air.  This stream of air also pushes the dirty, smoky air towards a second unit that draws the air in via an inlet located in the middle of the unit.  A series of metal baffles and metal mesh helps prevent any sparks that may be present from reaching the cartridge filters.


The system creates a “wall” of air movement from one side of a plant to the next, continuously cleaning the air.


Why Clean Air Streamer EVO™?

  • Reduces worker exposure levels: Smoke, grinding dust, and other production pollutants are collected and cleaned efficiently through modular air filtration systems
  • Covers all worker elevations: This type of modular system prevents a false ceiling of smoke and fume from forming, so workers at different elevations are protected.
  • It requires almost zero footprint, no duct work is necessary and it reduces installation costs
  • Slashes energy costs: Returns clean air to within the building, thereby reducing expenses associated with makeup air helping to slash gas and electric costs

The Clean Air Streamer EVO™ can be installed with legs, wall mounted, or hanging from the ceiling to reduce floor footprint.



  • Welding Smoke
  • Dust Based
  • Fumes
  • Large Production


  • Lowers overall energy costs
  • Can be placed against a wall, hung from ceiling, or placed on legs
  • Covers entire space from floor to ceiling
  • No duct work needed, reducing installation costs
  • Cleans and reuses same air, so no make up air needed

Quick Specs

  • Two Models Available: Model 4 (4 Filters) and Model 6 (6 Filters)
  • 260 sq. ft. media, each filter
  • Total sq. ft. of media: 1,560 for Model 6 and 1,040 for Model 4
  • 10 HP (Model 6) and 7.5 (Model 4) HP Motor
  • Air Volume: 5,000 CFM (Model 4); 6,000 CFM (Model 6)
  • Three Phase; 208, 240, or 460 Volt, 15A-33A
  • Flame Retardant 80/20 Cellulose/Polyester Media Filters
  • VFD for energy savings
  • HMI interface, scheduling capability, and remote access standard on all models (requires ethernet connection) – monitor multiple units from one screen


  • Nanofiber Filters
  • Clean Air Fire Suppression System
  • Hopper and Dust Bin
  • Legs

Product Submittals

CAA Streamer EVO™ Model 4

CAA Streamer EVO™ Model 6


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