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Custom Ambient Air Filtration System

Push-Pull System: Engineered Solution

To remove and extract the layer of particulate in a controlled direction, an extraction duct is designed according to your specific operation and facility layout. Proper design will allow for the most effective and controlled extraction of metalworking particulates in your factory.  The Clean Air Push Pull System is an ambient system, an effective way of cleaning the plant air without having to worry about a unit that might interfere with large parts or moving overhead cranes.  This system is a custom, full plant solution that utilizes engineering, design, and manufacturing services offered by Clean Air America to create a system that is designed specifically for your facility.  Powered by a Clean Air BRAHM® Collector, this system cuts out the need to ventilate air to the outside by recycling the the dirty air after it is filtered through a cartridge filter system.  Dirty plant air is drawn through powerful filtration units and returned to the plant as clean air thus eliminating a significant heat loss that is common when air is exhausted outside.

1. Re-circulation (Push): Once air particles have been captured in the filtration system, the clean, particle free air can be re-circulated back into the area.  This re-circulated air is used in a controlled manner, via louvers, to push current air towards the extraction duct (pull) to allow the particles to be moved through the filtration system.This re-circulation not only acts as a the push portion of the system, but can help a company see energy cost savings by decreasing the temperature loss of the air to one close to its original state.

2. Filtration: The extraction duct (Pull) is connected to a cartridge based filtration system, Clean Air BRAHM® Collector, located either inside or outside the facility (depending on layout and customer preference). As the air is pulled through the duct and into the BRAHM® Collector, particles are moved into a cartridge filter compartment where they become trapped in one of the cellulose cartridge filters.  As particles build on on the filters the pressure increases until it trips the pressure sensor to send a pulse of compressed air through the filters to blow the particles off the filter and into a groove in the bottom of the collector (dust tray or dust bin kit optional).

3. Air Flow: Duct placement and air flow direction is designed based on the area of filtration and the layout of the building.  Our group of engineers designs a duct layout based off of provided building plans to ensure that exact placement of the duct allows for even push and pull off air to create the “wall” of re-circulated, clean air.  This wall is created by placing re-circulation duct (push) and extraction duct (pull) parallel to each other on opposite sides of the filtration area to ensure that air is flowing from one side of the area to the other.

4. Extraction (Pull): Placed opposite of the re-circulation duct and connected to the inlet of the filtration unit, the extraction duct will pull smoky particle filled air into the duct and move it to the filtration system.  Proper design will allow for optimum, controlled extraction of the particles from the facility.

Air Filtration: The re-circulation and extraction duct is connected to a Clean Air BRAHM® Collector that is selected by the sales and engineering team to have the proper CFM and air to cloth ratio for the facility size. As the particulate moves through the extraction duct, it is collected on the filter media which is periodically cleaned by an automatic pulse cleaning system, filter number ranges from 1-54. When the pressure across the filter reaches a certain point, the system begins to clean the filter, resulting in the particulate dropping into a collection container at the bottom of the filtration unit. The container can be easily emptied and the collected particulate should be disposed of according to Federal, State, and local regulations.

The (pulling), air filtration, and (pushing) process is generated by the fan inside the Clean Air BRAHM® Collector and is specifically sized for the system. The solution can be controlled further using the Clean Air Synapse™ Panel that through the Smart Drive (VFD) automatically controls the air flow, resulting in lower operating costs and better performance.


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