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Laser Welding

Laser welding is quickly becoming more popular as it is a quicker and more precise application than manual and robotic welding.  With the significant advantages, however, unique challenges occur with welding fume filtration.  According to The Robotic Industries Association, an estimated 260,000 robots are operating in North American factories. If this is the case at your manufacturing location, it may be time to assess the fume collection requirements for your facility. Before robots are installed, a plan is required for proper collector placement and collection.  Clean Air America can engineer the fume removal equipment in advance to custom fit the space and application.

To maintain effectiveness and safety, specialty ventilation is necessary.  Unlike MIG, TIG, and spot welding, a filler material is not used.   Alternatively, the two pieces of metal are melted together in order to form a smooth seam.  This produces hazardous fumes that can pose negative health risks on operators and even damage expensive equipment.  Designed especially for laser welding fumes, the Clean Air America BRAHM™ Collector system utilizes a unique design that incorporates a true downward airflow pattern within the cabinet.

The Clean Air BRAHM™ Series combines the most efficient features of Clean Air’s industry-leading cartridge collector products to offer the most versatile, compact, and powerful cartridge collector series on the market.

Designed as a plug-and-play collector system, the Clean Air BRAHM™ Series offers the fastest pulsing of any cartridge collectors available.  Driven by supply pressure, timers have been eliminated and the collector offers up to 80% faster pulsing than previous industry models.

The Clean Air BRAHM™ Series is ideal for production applications including welding, grinding, sanding laser/plasma cutting dust & other dusts.

Clean Air BRAHM™ Series Benefits:
  • BRAHM BC18 Unit

    Crystal-clean air, even in high-production environments

  • Increased filter life with decreased can velocity
  • Lower total cost of ownership with both energy savings on electricity, filter usage, and compressed air
Clean Air BRAHM™ Series Features
  • Strong 10 & 12 gauge welded steel construction
  • Quick access filter door, motor and valve compartment door, and clamping system
  • Vertically-positioned filters with bottom-initiated pulsing
  • Plug and play connectivity

Clean Air BRAHM™ Series Options

  • Rotary air lock, ideal in pollution-control applications
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Weather-proofing applications
  • Flexible Bulk Container Holder designed to hold super sack (with stands over 36” tall)
  • Economizer to control automatic start/stop
  • Silencer for additional noise reduction
  • Maintenance platform for easy access to filters and maintenance points
  • Hopper or dust bin/trolley
  • Various height stands to elevate unit and provide additional floor space
  • EVO™ Controller Panel for pulse cleaning, maximum energy efficiency and Speed Pulsing
  • Bypass Sensor allows unit to detect filter bypass issues

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Upgraded Technology of the Clean Air BRAHM™ Series:


  • Clean Air Synapse™ Panel
  • Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Unit Scheduling
  • Pressure Logging to Flash Drive
  • VFD-based Diagnostics
  • HMI-based User Manual
  • Self-Cleaning System
  • Reduced Can Velocity
  • Enhanced Down Flow Technology




The optional Clean Air Synapse™ Panel is a custom Clean Air America HMI/PLC panel that combines a VFD along with human interface
technology that allows monitoring of the system’s static pressure, fan amperage, RPM and HP, and cleaning system performance, as well as fine tune conditions to maximize performance.

The Clean Air Synapse™ Panel:

  • Can control multiple systems from a single location, giving maintenance personnel information on filter status and a daily & weekly data logging summary
  • Coordinates speed pulsing, which is nearly 80% faster than the industry’s standard filter pulsing. It utilizes proprietary controller algorithms for the self-cleaning system
  • Provides Remote Monitoring – As an option on the Clean Air Synapse™ Panel, Remote Monitoring provides access to the unit from a computer in the maintenance office, at home, or even on a phone. The unit’s complete status is displayed, including running state, fire suppression status, and filter pressure levels.
  • Offers Set Scheduling – Standard on the Clean Air Synapse™ Panel, units can be set to run at scheduled intervals. Setups include daily scheduling (up to 3 shifts) including automatic starting and stopping. Simply set start and stop times based on the day of the week and time, and the system will run automatically.

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• Pressure Logging to Flash Drive – The pressure for the unit is logged to a flash drive on the HMI. This drive can be pulled for analysis or viewed on an HMI graph.

• VFD Error Diagnosis – VFD issues can be displayed directly on the screen of the Clean Air Synapse™ Panel. If a fault occurs, the user is prompted with possible issues to check prior to calling technical support.

• User Manual on HMI – Clean Air BRAHM™ Series user manuals are accessible from a flash drive attached to the HMI. The manuals for the VFD, the Clean Air Synapse™ Panel, and the unit can be accessed directly from the screen – no need to keep up with hard copies or digital copies on disc. Simply call it up on the screen, and the information is there!

• Self Cleaning System – The Clean Air Synapse™ Panel is designed for optimum automatic pulse cleaning and maximized energy efficiency. The unit features multiple distinct differential pressure sensors, which measure across the filters to determine loading on the filters. Online cleaning is performed while the unit is running, with the blower still moving air throughout the unit. Offline cleaning is performed when the unit is stopped with no air flow. Offline cleaning is always more effective as the cleaning pulse does not have to compete with the air flow. Working from the differential pressure instead of a timer, the unit cannot initiate the offline cleaning cycle too early, which eliminates the potential waste of compressed air and effectiveness. An automatic cleaning algorithm determines when to clean based on the differential pressure across the filters. When the filters begin to load more significantly, the system will lose additional flow which creates higher pressure drops. These drops demand proportionately more power than the initial loading. An online cleaning cycle is initiated at these higher pressure levels to remove the looser dust. When combined with a VFD, this translates to lower motor speeds, less energy, and reduced running costs.

Reduced Can Velocity – The new Clean Air BRAHM™ Series  features interior velocity that has been reduced by up to 40%. Can Velocity is the maximum velocity across the face of the filter, and by lowering the speeds inside the unit, more particulate begins to fall out. Particles in the air are kept aloft by the buoyancy of the particle which is partially driven by the air speed. When the air is slowed, the energy is reduced along with the buoyancy. By lowering the speed after the air has entered the collector, the particulate falls out of the air stream before reaching the filter. More particulate than ever can pass by the filter and right into the hopper, extending filter life and reducing maintenance costs.

Enhanced Down Flow Technology – The Clean Air BRAHM™ Series utilizes a unique design that incorporates a true downward airflow pattern within the cabinet. This design is achieved with a customized clean air duct plenum system (CAD) that supports the cartridge filter elements, acts as the clean air plenum, and in turn houses the advanced technology cleaning system. The clean air duct plenums can be provided in single or multiple arrangements that allow for cell-mounted units or larger, custom centralized units. This arrangement promotes extended filter life with efficient airflow patterns within the collector cabinet. Optimal spacing of the CAD plenums ensure the lowest can velocity within the collector cabinet, eliminates re-entrainment, and allows us to provide filter life that is up to 50% higher over competitor vertical cartridge filter systems, and up to 75% longer than competitor horizontal based cartridge filter systems. This technology helps ensure that the Clean Air BRAHM™ Series provides the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.

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