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Robotic Welding

Smoke and debris are a given when inside a facility where robotic welding takes place.  The dense smoke produced by robotic welding requires a specialized capture solution coupled with a high level of filtration efficiency.  Certain approaches are more effective than others in reducing haze and improving overall air quality.  Typically, collecting fumes at the source (source collection) and integrating hoods with the collection system is the best approach.  To properly filter out welding smoke and particulates from the air, while maintaining efficiency and production, as well as produce clean air that exceeds OSHA standards, Clean Air America offers the ideal engineered products to give you the best results possible, at the best price on the market.

Laser welding generates a considerable amount of fumes that can cause damage to machinery and present health risks to workers. The Clean Air BRAHM™ Series, as well as the Clean Air WeldCell®, combine the most efficient features of our cartridge collector products to offer the most versatile, compact, and powerful cartridge collector series on the market to target the smoke and dust, and significantly improve environmental conditions inside the plant.

The Clean Air Weld Cell Series™ is a compact, self-contained filtration system that captures and filters out the smoke and dust from applications such as welding, grinding, plasma and laser cutting cells.  This unit is completely self-contained making moving easy to do.  Need to save floor space?  This system was designed so, if needed, the entire system can be mounted directly on top of the welding robot cell.  With the standard fire retardant filters and specially designed baffle system and design, the risk of a fire is greatly reduced.  If more protection is desired, the Clean Air Fire Suppressor detects the presence of smoke or heat in the system and appropriate measures are automatically taken to help contain the fire or potential for fire.

The Clean Air BRAHM™ Collector series requires a ducted system and is ideal for a variety of applications including; robotic welding, grinding, plasma & laser cutting, buffing, polishing, sanding, mixing operations, blasting and more.


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