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Manual Welding

Welding fumes are internationally classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans.  Welding causes harmful smoke to form that can cause health issues for you and your employees, and deteriorates the life span of important machines such as robots, computers, and more. Air filtration is a must to properly filter out the welding smoke and particulates out of the air to help clean the air to below OSHA standards.  Clean Air America offers the industry’s best engineered products to provide you the best results possible, at the best price on the market.

Clean Air America has the solution for your welding smoke filtration project, no matter how large or small your project is.

Systems as small and portable as the new BRAHM® Compact Collector SeriesDown Draft Table and Portable Fume Collector, to the premier systems of the Clean Air WeldStation™ welding booths and the Clean Air BRAHM® Collector series give you a wide range of options when it comes to properly filtering out the welding smoke in your facility.  Fume Extraction Arms and custom Hood designs are also excellent options for welding smoke capture.  Each system is designed to properly filter out the welding smoke being produced during the manual welding process efficient enough to return the cleaned air back into the facility.



Which Clean Air solution is right for your application?

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