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BRAHM® Series Streamers

The Clean Air BRAHM® Series Streamers have hit the industry as the newest means of ambient air filtration.  Options include the EVO™ panel and fire suppression, and the air-to-cloth ratios are higher than existing ambient filtration options on the market.  Blowers to 30HP are available with ranges of 5,000-12,000 CFM to effectively filter out welding smoke.

This inventive collector series is the most compact on the market for the power it delivers by using backward incline blower wheels with direct-drive, energy efficient motors that are located inside the collector. Utilizing multiple BC Streamer™ systems creates a circular airflow movement to create a wall of clean air that continuously keeps the welding smoke layer from forming in the facility.

How It Works

The Clean Air Streamer™ System continuously moves clean, filtered air around the facility, preventing the formation of a welding fume layer.  The system creates a “wall” of air movement from one side of the plant to the other and continuously cleans the air.  The cross method of filtration uses a push-pull technology to create a movement of high velocity air that is constantly stirring welding smoke through the air.  The top of the unit houses a series of louvers that push clean filtered air out into the facility.  The bottom of the unit is an intake where the dirty air is pulled into.  This air is then filtered by a series of cartridge filters that effectively clean the air particles that are not able to be recirculated back into the facility.

The Clean Air Streamer™ Advantage

  • Reduces Worker Exposure Levels: Smoke, grinding dust, and other production pollutants are collected and cleaned efficiently through modular air filtration systems
  • Covers All Worker Elevations: This type of modular system prevents a false ceiling of smoke and fume from forming, so workers at different elevations are protected.
  • Works along with other equipment, and no duct work is necessary – reducing installation costs
  • Slashes Energy Costs: Returns clean air to within the building, thereby reducing expenses associated with makeup air, and helping to slash gas and electric costs

The BC Streamer™ utilizes patented true down flow technology. Air enters the cartridge collector from the top, forming a laminar flow, moving air downwards, (with gravity) through vertically positioned filters. Most other designs of collectors use horizontal filters or filters at an angle. Vertically positioned filters achieve 100% cleaning of the cartridge filters. Therefore, we achieve far better results because the dust does not fall back on the filters, unlike horizontally positioned filters. If you picture a horizontally positioned cartridge, the top third does not clean properly.  This means when we state sq. ft. of filter media we have 33% more active filter area than horizontal collectors. This lowers maintenance costs and reduces the frequency of filter changes.


The BC Streamer™ utilizes a proprietary controller which controls the self-cleaning system for the collector. The controller integrates with a differential pressure sensor which constantly measures the difference between the dirty and the clean side of the filters. When the reading reaches a preset number, it sends a signal to the solenoid valves to send a burst of compressed air through the clean air pipe and up through the nozzles below each cartridge filter. Filters are pulsed in a controlled sequence through automated cleaning cycles. Compressed air is an expensive commodity. We have designed our AutoPulse Controller™ so that compressed air is only used when the equipment is shut down or when differential pressure (dP) is above a set value. This optimizes compressed air usage while maximizing and extending the filter life.

The BC Streamer™ features a backward incline blower wheel and totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors to ensure low maintenance and powerful suction even when the filters are dirty. This utilizes a direct drive set up, meaning there are no belts, pulleys, or intermediate systems to maintain. For additional savings, Clean Air America only uses premium efficiency motors which provide the highest level of efficiency in the industry.


Standard features include:

Electrical: NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with integrated disconnect switch, motor starter, overload, and start/stop button
Heavy Duty Construction: Fully-welded 10 & 12 gauge steel
Silencing: Internal noise abatement in motor/blower compartment to dampen noise
Quick Connects: “Plug and Play” setup requires no expertise to connect electrical panel

Using the new EVO™ Panel and driven by supply pressure, timers have been eliminated and the collector offers up to 80% faster pulsing than previous industry models.

The Clean Air EVO™ Panel features:
• Speed Pulsing: nearly 80% faster than the industry’s standard filter pulsing, driven by supply pressure.
• Touch-screen display
• Self-cleaning system utilizing proprietary controller algorithms
• Remote Monitoring: Scheduling of run time, status logging, built-in diagnostics and manuals

The Clean Air BRAHM® BC Streamers also feature:
• Up to 40% decreased Can Velocity: more dropout equals less maintenance and longer filter life
• Patented True Down Flow Technology with vertically positioned filters

Optional features include:

  • Filter Upgrade: Nano Fiber (MERV 15), PTFE (MERV 16) available
  • Economizer: Automatic start/stop coordinated to arc sensor
  • Silencer: Additional noise reduction, available in 24”, 36”, and 48” heights
  • Flexible Bulk Container Holder: Holds collection bags such as Super Sacks
  • Maintenance Platform: Provides easy access to filters and maintenance points
  • Dust Collection: Hopper or Dust Bin/Trolley available
  • Stand: Various height stands (36”, 48”, 60”) available to elevate unit and provide additional floor space
  • VFD: Variable frequency drive for soft start, increased energy savings, noise reduction, and speed control of motor
  • EVO™ Controller Panel: Designed to provide optimum automatic pulse cleaning and maximized energy efficiency; includes Speed Pulsing – Self-adapting based on the pressure inside the reservoir
  • Bypass Sensor: Allows unit to detect if smoke, dust, or other contaminants are bypassing filters, and alerts user to issue
  • Fire Suppression System: Provides an early warning, stops motors, locks out pulsing, stops air flow by closing both intake and exhaust louvers of unit, and administers suppression agent. (Adds 10” to height of unit)
  • Rotary Air Lock: Airlock transition point that seals against loss of air or gas while maintaining the flow of waste between collection points


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