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Clean Air BRAHM™ HiVAC Fume & Smoke Extraction Collector

Introducing the

Snuffs out welding fumes at the source
Reduces welder’s exposure to welding fumes by more than 90%
Prevents fume buildup when working in enclosed or small areas

The Clean Air BRAHM™ High Vacuum Fume Extractor offers portable and high-efficiency options for controlling airborne pollutants in small to medium fabrication shops, manufacturing plants, and training facilities. Welding fumes are captured with vacuum-assisted MIG guns, and decontaminated air is recirculated back into the work space area.

The Best Solution for High Vacuum Source Capture and Filtration

When power and mobility are required,
Clean Air America’s BRAHM™ HiVac system is the optimal solution.

The Clean Air BRAHM™ HiVac system features high-vacuum filtration at the precise spot where you need it.

• NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with integrated disconnect switch, motor starter, overload, and start/stop button.
• Fully welded 10 & 12 gauge steel
• (2) or (4) 2” hose connections
• HV 1 – 226 sq. ft. filtration media
• HV 2 – 452 sq. ft. filtration media
• Compressed Air Filter Cleaning
• Built-in Spark Arrestance
• High-Vacuum Blower
• Acoustic Silencing
• Designed for ease of use – plug and play
• Minimal maintenance with Clean Air’s patented True Down Flow Technology
• Quiet – HV 1 – 70-72 dBA @ 5′, HV 2 – 75-76 dBA @ 5′

But how does it work?  Watch the video…. Clean Air BRAHM™ HiVac

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